Insurance for Landlords

Insurance That Covers the Gaps in Your Homeowners Policy

Standard “DP” landlord homeowners insurance policies cover the typical perils for all homeowners, like hurricanes, fire, liability, etc and every landlord should carry this insurance no matter what. The problem with these policies is that they do not insure against the unique risks associated with operating a rental property. 

As a company we offer some guarantees to help mitigate these risks like our Pet Damage Guarantee, Lease Term guarantee and optional eviction guarantee because we like to back up the quality of what we do by “putting our money where our mouth is”.  Life happens however, people get sick, people get laid off, relocated or the world changes (*cough* COVID-19 *cough*) and even the best tenants can break leases, no longer be able to pay rent, what then?

That’s when supplemental landlord insurance comes in and offers coverage for things your regular insurance won’t. Reimbursement for situations like:

  • A tenant breaks their lease early, coverage for up to 8 weeks of missed rental payments. 
  • A tenant needs to be evicted, coverage for the cost of eviction AND the missed rents
  • A tenant dies, coverage for missed rent.
  • Someone, tenant or not, maliciously damages your property and it is untenable for a period of time. Coverage for the damage your regular insurance may not cover as well as missed rent while the home is being repaired. 
  • + many more perils

Backed by Lloyds of London, we recommend for your supplemental insurance needs. There are a few insurers out there that offer this kind of policy but find that SureVestor offers the most coverage for similar cost as well as lower deductibles. We are not insurance agents though and recommend you visit to see for yourself! We do not make any money from your use of this insurance and only offer to administer it as an additional benefit of working with a professional property manager like us that has been approved to work with SureVestor (they only provide these policies if your home is professionally managed by a pre-screened property manager like BlueHome).

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If you like what you see, let us know and we’ll help you get signed up!