COVID Housing Crisis on the Horizon?

Article inspired by this information published by the Mortgage Bankers Association –                 Today is October 1st 2020 and Florida’s statewide moratorium on foreclosures has expired. There are still moratoriums in place at the federal level related to federally backed loans (about 70% of the mortgage market), but those too are set to expire…

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Benefits of Renting to Tenants with Pets

pros of renting to tenants with pets

More than half of US households own a pet. People decide to own a pet because it provides them with companionship.  The majority of pet owners consider their pets as members of the family. As a result, they don’t want to move homes if they can’t bring their pet.  Cons Before you rent out your…

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How to Attract Long Term Tenants

ways to get long term tenants

The benefits of having long-term tenants are enough to make any property owner want to have them. They generate rental income consistently and reduce the costs of having to remarket the property and rescreen for tenants each year.  So how do you attract such high-quality, long-term renting tenants? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question,…

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Essential Tips for First Time Landlords

tips for new landlords

The idea of owning properties can be exciting as you visualize generating passive income over the long term from your real estate investment. However, managing your own rental units is not so simple. Before becoming a landlord, it’s best to check out tips and advice from those with experience. In this article, we will provide…

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Managing Rental Property in the Time of COVID-19

                Today is April 7th 2020. Here in Orlando FL we are in the middle of local and state “stay at home” orders but are still doing business as real estate is considered an “essential business”. Afterall, people still need places to live and rental homes still need to be maintained and repaired. Things are…

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Insurance for Landlords

Insurance That Covers the Gaps in Your Homeowners Policy Standard “DP” landlord homeowners insurance policies cover the typical perils for all homeowners, like hurricanes, fire, liability, etc and every landlord should carry this insurance no matter what. The problem with these policies is that they do not insure against the unique risks associated with operating…

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Benefits and Risks of using a US Mortgage as a Canadian Investor

           One of the many advantages of investing in real estate is the ability to leverage your investment dollars with inexpensive borrowed money. With positive leverage you can increase your returns in the short-term and triple or more your returns over the long term. With higher returns though, of course come…

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Estimating Florida Property Taxes for Canadians

            There is a myth that Canadians have higher property taxes on their rental properties than local landlords. This is FALSE. All owners of investment property in Florida are taxed the same, whether you are Canadian, Floridian, or Martian! Property tax in Florida is determined by three factors: The tax…

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