Essential Tips for First Time Landlords

tips for new landlords

The idea of owning properties can be exciting as you visualize generating passive income over the long term from your real estate investment. However, managing your own rental units is not so simple. Before becoming a landlord, it’s best to check out tips and advice from those with experience. In this article, we will provide…

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Managing Rental Property in the Time of COVID-19

                Today is April 7th 2020. Here in Orlando FL we are in the middle of local and state “stay at home” orders but are still doing business as real estate is considered an “essential business”. Afterall, people still need places to live and rental homes still need to be maintained and repaired. Things are…

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The 5 Types of Property Managers

          When you first start out as a landlord, you may think a property manager is a property manager and it’s just a matter of interviewing and hiring the right one. However, with a little more experience you will see that Property Management is far from a commodity. Not only do…

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