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Canadian and Other Foreign National Investors

Benefits and Risks of using a US Mortgage as a Canadian Investor

           One of the many advantages of investing in real estate is the ability to leverage your investment dollars with inexpensive borrowed money. With positive leverage you can increase your returns in the short-term and triple or more your returns over the long term. With higher returns though, of course come…

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Estimating Florida Property Taxes for Canadians

            There is a myth that Canadians have higher property taxes on their rental properties than local landlords. This is FALSE. All owners of investment property in Florida are taxed the same, whether you are Canadian, Floridian, or Martian! Property tax in Florida is determined by three factors: The tax…

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The Canadian Landlords Guide to the IRS

U.S. Income Tax: US Taxes are a complicated matter, add in CRA tax returns and how both relate to the US/Canada tax treaty and everything said below must be taken as a starting point ONLY. You absolutely need to seek the advice of a qualified and licensed tax professional/chartered professional accountant that specializes in cross-border…

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Advantages of Using a Currency Exchange Company

          Anyone can google “currency exchange calculator” and get the most up to date exchange rates. The problem is that the rates you will find this way are only be available to the banks themselves, or large exchangers that change millions every day. People like you and I can’t get these…

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U.S. and Canadian Cross-Border Taxes Simplified

          Luckily Canada and the US are very good friends with a long-standing tax treaty that has for the most part synced well with each other. Hundreds of thousands of residents from both sides of the border live and work on the other side, so there is a robust infrastructure of…

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Common Advice that Canadians Should NOT Listen Too

          You always see me stress the importance of working with specialists in anything related to your cross-border real estate investment. This is because there are myriad minor and major issues that can arise and cost you time, money and aggravation that a “normal” professional won’t know about. Here is a…

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