Pet Damage Guarantee

With a large majority of the rental population having at least 1 pet, not allowing pets takes out about 2/3’s of the rental pool that may be interested in your home. This results in longer vacancies and potentially lower rents.

We find that pets are as good as the owners they belong to and we back up our screening and selection process of both the people and the pets that go into your home. So, we guarantee, for no extra charge to you, your home will not be damaged by an approved pet. If in the rare case a pet does cause damage that isn’t covered by the tenant and their security deposit, we guarantee to fix on our dime, up to an additional $3,000!

  • We screen each pet.
  • We pay for any pet damage beyond wear and tear that exceeds the security deposit.
  • We cover $1,000 in pet damage in ALL of our management plans for free.
  • Triple the limit, ($3,000) is optional and available for $9 per month.